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VAT on items in the European Union (EU)

For all items that handmade - Tobias Perlak offers and dispatches to delivery addresses within the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland, VAT must be calculated in accordance with the laws applicable within the EU and within the member states. The same applies to the associated transport costs. 
Prices on our website are given in euros. They include the VAT applicable in Germany. The final price depends on the actual VAT in the country to which the order is being shipped. For orders from other EU countries as well as from Northern Ireland, the German sales tax is deducted and the value added tax of the country of destination applicable for the respective item and transport costs incurred is added. The display takes place in the purchase process after entering the full delivery address in the summary and before placing the order. 
If the customer is an entrepreneur in another EU country and has a valid VAT identification number that he would like to use for his purchase, the sale can also take place without VAT after successful validation.