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Aeron Carbon 2014 [HMO4010-140-190cm]
Aeron Carbon 2014


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AERON CARBON 2014 − Gabelbäume

Aeron Carbon Slim 2014 
The Aeron Carbon boom range are constructed with a continuous carbon sock laid up in aheated steel mold and infused with resin under pressure . There sult is the best stiffness and strength consistency. Many Carbon booms rely on the strength of the glued joints where boom head and boom arms meet¡Vin most cases this is the area where the booms fail.
-Reduced Diameter 26mm tube throughout 
-The non-compromise wave boom 
-Testing exceeded 400KG break force  
  (Suitable for JAWS) 
-New Ergonomic Curve

Enhance Slalom :  
The slalom range features the new tested and approved shapes. The back end is ready for adjustable outhaul systems but also has normal cleat tie off.

Head : The Boom head was designed with over 20 years experience in windsurf component design. The design decreases weight and brings the boom tubes as close to the mast as possible thus improving swing weight. 
The low profile ensures maximum safety especially with all the new school tricks of today.The proven mast cup ensures maximum grip with minimum point load on the mast.
Grip Texture : The EVA is thermally formed to produce a texture to improve grip and comfort simultaneously.
STD Tail Housing : Double Riveted.
Formula Racing Tail Housing :  
New , the Triple pulley cleatable tail is also compatible with adjustable outhaul systems.

Adjustment: The Double Pin clip engages with the carbon molded extension tubes. The tubes are not drilled but have holes formed in a reinforced strip for maximum strength.
140-190, 150-200, 175-225, 200-250, 230-290 
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